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When we ask God to bring healing to the deep places in us, we’re asking Him to make us carriers of that healing, so we can pour out His love and truth to others. Renovate looks at the foundations of healing and teaches us how to apply them to our own lives.

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Renovate is an online course from Ellel Canada. It is not just for your own personal healing journey, it’s for your family, your community and your friends. In this online course you can complete it during your own time, whenever you want and wherever you want. The course comes with a course notebook to download that helps you follow along and offers questions to work through on your own or with a small group. Also included are personal prayers and activities to help you go deeper.

When you order, you will receive an activation code and instructions for logging onto the Ellel Canada course website for access to this interactive course. PLEASE NOTE: We have to process your order manually, so please allow a few days to receive the activation code.

What you’ll get:

8 Online Teaching Sessions
Downloadable Teaching Notes
Prayers to Walk Through
Worksheets + More
Topics Include:

Who is Ellel Ministries?
Why do I need healing?
Why do bad things happen?
How to forgive?
Where have I seen these patterns in my life before?
Who are the key players of my healing journey?
Who is Lord over my life?
How do I continue my healing journey?


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