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Persevering Prayer Growing the Church Supernaturally


Psalm 91 God’s Umbrella of Protection

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Reclaiming the Church


Dissatisfied with the life of the Church in your nation? Many are. Brearley believes the structure of ChurchA” must be reviewed afresh through the eyes of the early church if we are to reclaim a shrinking and divided Church. Throughout world history Church has played a powerful role that has shaped societies and nations we now live in. With animosity growing towards Christianity in a secularised world we find ChurchA” is losing its power to influence our communities. Christianity, especially in developed nations, must overcome its struggles of unity to express the life transforming power of Christ to a generation that no longer knows what to believe in. Shedding light on key stories from the New Testament, Brearley convincingly opens up an outstanding summary of principles that practically guides us into a fuller understanding of how Church ought to look. Discussion points at the end of each chapter make this book ideal for group study.

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