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Trapped By Control

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God’s Covering – A Place of Healing


Understanding God’s covering is an important step to discovering His healing power and knowing how to pray into other people’s lives. Without that covering we cannot truly be at peace. This book will bring to you the principles of God’s protective covering and the precious truth of His covenant plan for the ‘re-covering’ of damaged lives.

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Author: David Cross
192 pages

Part of Sovereign World’s Truth and Freedom series based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries International.

God’s covering is an expression which describes the spiritual protection and nurture which God provides for all those who are in a covenant relationship with Him. You cannot see His covering but you can certainly experience the effect which it has. Without Jesus, the world cannot truly understand God’s covering but all of mankind desperately needs it! Outside this shelter, men and women are vulnerable to a hostile spiritual realm which governs this world and all those who remain in rebellion to the One who created them.

Covering is a principle which not only helps to explain the reason for so much dysfunction in the condition of man, but also gives more understanding of God’s wonderful plan for restoration.

This book seeks to explain the reality of spiritual exposure when we are out of God’s order, and how this has had an inevitable consequence on our health and well-being. Thankfully, there is also a precious truth of God’s plan for the re-covering of damaged lives through Jesus. Praying for healing for ourselves, or for others, can be entered into with more confidence as we have a growing assurance of God’s unwavering desire to cover us, where there has been sin, wounding and exposure.

In this book we are going to take a look at this
principle of God’s covering:

What is it?
What good is it to us?
How did we lose it?
How do we get it back?

This book is for Christians who are seeking more understanding of how we have been damaged and how God brings His healing into our lives.


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