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Spiritual Warfare


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Authority in Heaven - Authority on Earth

Author: Tom Marshall
160 pages
The Author covers three areas of important teaching on spiritual warfare. Principalities and Powers, Binding and Loosing and Defensive Spiritual WarfareHe provides useful pointers to knowing our enemy and recognizing when we are under spiritual attack. He ..... (see details for more information)

Price: $15.00
Healing Through Deliverance - The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

Author: Peter Horrobin
592 pages
Originally published as two separate volumes, this best selling book on the subject of deliverance ministry has now been combined, updated and revised. Peter Horrobin has more than twenty years experience teaching about healing and ministering to those in need..... (see details for more information)
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Price: $35.00
Intercession & Healing - Breaking through with God

Author: Fiona Horrobin
176 pages
God has called His Church to be an intercessory bridge, bringing people to the heart of God and into the blessing of His truth truth that will release them from the deep pains that hold them back in life. The Father yearns for His children to know Him in the..... (see details for more information)

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Price: $15.00
Prayer - Life's Limitless Reach

Author: Taylor, Jack
190 pages
Jack Taylor asked the question of himself when he felt God prompting him to write this book: "Surely all there is to know about prayer has already been written?" Yet, he still felt compelled by God to write and eventually the answer came: Despite all..... (see details for more information)

Price: $14.00
Reclaiming the Ground

Author: Ken Hepworth
128 pages
Why is it that some churches experience blessings through increased membership and spiritual growth in their members whilst others struggle to maintain their very existence? Why is it that some churches that were on the cutting edge of what God was doing are n..... (see details for more information)

Price: $12.00
Reclaiming the Ground - CD Set

Author: Peter Horrobin
4 hours
This conference provides essential teaching on Reclaiming the Ground and gives practical help on setting our land and buildings free from the strongholds of the enemy.Scripture is clear that land can be defiled (Leviticus 18:27-28) and this defilement, if ..... (see details for more information)

Price: $20.00
Set Apart for God

Author: Mulinde, John
127 pages
In this book, John Mulinde, writes, "I am convinced that communities are transformed when a few people in them reach a point of so desperately yearning for God that they will pay any price to see His intervention in their land."Set Apart For God ..... (see details for more information)

Price: $14.00
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