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What’s Wrong with Human Rights


Investigating whether the concept of universal human rights is in agreement with the Bible, David Cross explores the origins of the human rights ideology. This well researched book explains why the concept of human rights is a man-made religion, which, though useful for giving a voice to those who are truly oppressed, does not give lasting solutions. A very helpful resource to better understand what human rights really are all about.


This book maintains that the concept of universal human rights is not in agreement with the Bible. In reality, it is a human-conceived ideology, promoted no doubt by well-meaning people, but it is a concept that exists without divine endorsement. It is therefore very likely that justice systems which prioritise the claiming of human rights, over the acknowledgement of human wrongdoing, will result in much more conflict than peace.

The advocates of inalienable human rights assume that these belong to everyone, simply by virtue of their being born human. In contrast, the Bible is clear in affirming that every person has inalienable value, but God nowhere infers that He has given any rights to humankind, except those that come through a specific covenant relationship with Him. Today’s increasingly fervent belief in the concept of human rights, not least in the area of sexual rights, is, according to this book, justifiably described as a false religion.


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