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The Perfect You A Blueprint for Identity


Author:   Dr. Caroline Leaf


320 Pages


There are a lot of personality and intelligence tests out there designed to label you and put you in a particular box. But Dr. Caroline Leaf says there's much more to you than a personality profile can capture. In fact, you cannot be categorized!

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Author:   Dr. Caroline Leaf


320 Pages

There's only one you!

When God created the blueprint for the universe, you were already part of the plan. Science and Scripture show you're a unique, brilliantly designed, and intelligent individual who fills a role no one else can. So the more Perfect You you become, the more fulfilling and impactful your life will be.

What is the Perfect You? It's how you process and exhibit your uniqueness through the way you think, feel, and choose. Everything you do and experience has an impact on the world, which is why it is vital for you to understand

· what your Perfect You is

· when you are stepping out of your Perfect You

· the mental, physical, and spiritual implications of stepping out of your Perfect You 

· and how to stay in your Perfect You

In this book, Dr. Caroline Leaf tackles this concept from theological, philosophical, and scientific angles, challenging you to think deeply about your identity and enabling you to apply these insights to your daily life. Drawn from thirty years of original research and twenty-five years of clinical experience, The Perfect You includes groundbreaking new insights and an eye-opening questionnaire designed to help you understand your Perfect You. 


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