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Bought with Blood

Author: Derek Prince
240 pages
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Price: $14.00
Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts and Yoga
Do you know the origins of the martial arts? Are you aware of the connection between yoga and martial arts? Are you concerned about the recent popularity of these two activities, and how they are even creeping into the church? ... (see details for more information)

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Price: $16.00
Healing from the consequences of Accident, Shock & Trauma

Author:  Peter Horrobin

Pages 176

Accidents and traumas are the root cause of many unhealed symptoms. Filled with testimonies of healing, this ground breaking book provides wonderful keys and encouragement to those still struggling with longstanding problems.

Price: $17.00
Illusions of Intimacy


253 pages

This book is a newsflash to unsuspecting Christians everywhere! It is a tool of valuable information on how the ‘virus’ of sexual addiction originates and what keeps it alive. If you, or anyone you know is struggling with compulsive addictions, read this book, break free and come to complete healing and deliverance!

Price: $11.00
Living the Life DVD Study Guide

Author: Paul Griffin
56 pages
The 18-part 'Living the Life' DVD series taught by Peter Horrobin explores important life issues that we all face as Christians. Using real-life testimonies, parables and illustrations Peter brings clarity and understanding that will encourage and help you..... (see details for more information)

Price: $6.00
NEW - A-Z Guide to the healing Ministry

Author:  David Cross

Pages:  480

How many questions do you have about healing? Would you know where to find the answers in the Bible? Are you looking for help for yourself or a friend? Your search for answers is over! In David Cross’s A – Z Guide to the Healing Ministry of Jesus you will find answers to almost every question you could ever have about the healing and deliverance ministries. This is much more than a reference book for occasional use - Peter Horrobin describes it as “a healing goldmine”! And in his Foreword Stuart McAlpine says, “This is no ordinary A-Z dictionary. This is a compendium of truth that will bring you to the person and presence of Jesus, the ultimate Alpha and Omega when it comes to our salvation, our healing and our deliverance. But enough…Get reading and discover what I found!” 

Price: $40.00
NEW - When the Miracle Comes Slowly

Author:  Beatriz Benestad

Page 152

This is the remarkable story of a very remarkable lady! Faced with crippling rheumatoid arthritis as a child and having to have dozens of operations, Beatriz Benestad did not let her disability obliterate her vision - both for practicing medicine and serving the Lord. Her journey of faith and amazing trust in God led to her becoming a missionary in Colombia in 2002, South America, where she now leads the Colombian work of Ellel Ministries.

Price: $16.00
Pills for the Soul
This well balanced book challenges the widely accepted practices of modern psychiatry in dealing with issues such as depression, mood swings and bi-polar disorders.Are pills and medication really God’s best for dealing with our emotional state? Should we s..... (see details for more information)
Price: $10.00
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Protection from Deception

Author: Derek Prince
240 pages

You, too, can uncover the enemy's strategies, effectively engage in spiritual battles --- and WIN!
Test the source of supernatural signs and wonders, discern truth from falsehood, break free from the strongholds of Satan, resist the schemes of Satan, powerfully share the gospel

Price: $13.00

Author: Sarah Shaw
176 pages
From an abusive childhood and the depths of suicidal despair to a life of hope and freedom.Sarah Shaw looked in control of her life, had a successful career as a manager in retail business but eventually came to a point where she “snapped” and was put on a..... (see details for more information)

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Price: $15.00
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